About Elyse 

Elyse is a storyteller passionate about documenting REAL experiences, emotions, and human connections across the world. Her medium of preference: photography + videography. With a background in marketing & journalism and lifelong passion for photography, her eye is lead to capturing the essence of story in a way that draws viewers in, and moves them emotionally.   

Born & raised in Scottsdale, Arizona... Elyse has followed her heart to many places across the nation. She went to film school at Southern California's Chapman University where she studied PR/Advertising and Broadcast Journalism. Her first job out of college was at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (skiing was a huge perk). From there, she journeyed to Greenville, South Carolina for a job as a news anchor and producer for online international newscast: OneMinuteNews.com. Then, New York City came knocking. It became her creative playground where she lived and worked for 2 years dabbling in a little bit of everything: acting, videography + photography, production, event planning, and music journalism. She decided it was time to get more serious about life and her career, and DC sucked her in next-- where she currently resides. For the past 2 years, she's worked as a writer/producer for international TV newscast: CCTV America (China Central Television). Being serious was fun while it lasted, but when it comes to business time... she thought... why not figure out a way to turn the passion into a business.

HELLO PHOTOGRAPHY, lets get busy.

How She Works

For Elyse, it’s all about the details. Connecting with the subject. Finding ways to bring out the sparkle in their eye, capture them in the best light, with creative framing. 

Clients + Credits

Elyse's work has been featured on Newsweek's The Daily Beast, CCTV-America, SHOUT! TV, One Minute News ,US Crusade, Truth International, and Modern Fitness Forum. Repeat clients include: 
     Eco Caters
     Golden Phoenix Foundation
     Creative Spotlights NYC