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ELYSE COSGROVE     is a storyteller passionate about documenting life experiences, human connections and emotions through photo and video. With a professional background in brand marketing and international news, Elyse has cultivated her art form over the years by traveling the world and connecting people, places and businesses through the eye of the lens. Finding the intangible story that draws viewers in and moves them emotionally and aesthetically has been a driving force in Elyse’s career.  

Born and raised in Arizona, Elyse has followed her heart to many places around the world. She attended film school at Chapman University and landed her first job out of college at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. From the thin air of the Rockies, Elyse was recruited across the country as a lead anchor for One Minute News. Her success in news and film naturally brought her to New York City where her skills and knowledge flourished to go into business for herself. After two years of independent work as a photographer, videographer and a few roles on the big screen acting and producing, Elyse was once again beckoned to the international news world as a producer for CCTV America in Washington DC. After two years of working with reporters from around the world and editing news stories and video content on pressing daily deadlines, Elyse's passion for creating visuals came knocking again, and this time for good. Elyse launched Elysees Eye Productions, LLC... and the rest is history!